Thursday, 14 October 2010

Try and error.

Hope and faith. Karma and revenge. Bitter or sweet. Chances and forgiveness. It might be both as it might be true. The truth is ugly. The reality is funny. I'm being too nice in this cruel life. Tarik nafas. Mungkin.. orang yang kita suka mungkin tak suka kita, tapi orang yang suka kita mungkin boleh jaga kita. So now I'd like to give myself permission to be loved.

"You have to kiss many toads and frogs to find your prince charming"


  1. aku pun sekarang belajar terima orang yang suka aku.

  2. true....
    tapi kena ada keberanian..

  3. I'm learning to accept person that hate me so much..
    Am I being too nice in this cruel life?
    Chances and Forgiveness maybe suits me best..

  4. selamat berjaya.

  5. betul cakap kau moving on hurts alot at first.tapi aku tau akan lagi sakit kalau aku teruskan.i found someone.mmuahh <3 thank you for being my eye opener awin.

    xx your pari-pari.

  6. be a winner..quitter never win..

  7. @unjunk

    saya suka komen kamu ^^
    go awin go ! ;D