Monday, 11 April 2011


It's been awhile..

Just to let you know that I have voted for 'yunainspired - pipi' on 'Yuna Inspired'. Pipi also known as Syafiqah Rosli is my college mate and a good friend mine. The best song I've ever heard she sang is Use Somebody - Kings of Leon for our last final project two years ago. Let's vote for her because she was freakin' awesome and cute and sweet just like gummy bear! Check out the video!

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  1. manusia ini benar2 men-cuci telinga-ku
    dari semak resiprokal mesin!

    ku kirim tahniah atas dia melalui kau gdsjht,tq

  2. mesin pon mampu menyanyi dengan baik

  3. tapi mesin tak ada hati dan perasaan. :)

  4. ah..muka dia macam fogell dalam film superbad. nice voice anyway.