Thursday, 26 September 2013

Looking for internship.

I write articles and news. I made books, newsletter and newspapers. Designing is just for fun. So here are some preview of my previous re-design and write-ups for school and work for living. (I seriously don't find designing in Malaysia will make you a rich bitch if you get paid less than what you deserve) I just believe designing interface and layout can help me escape from those format writings, but due to some unprofessionalism from so called capitalist, I'll take that 'fun' as serious business. You cool?

Currently looking for a place for internship January 2014.
Email me at for RESUME & WORK (only)

Any other matters such complaints, nak mengadu, nak sponsor kahwin, rasa tak puas hati, nak keji caci maki boleh hantar di

Have a great day ahead xx

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  1. Wow nice nya! U've really got some talent! :D