Wednesday, 16 October 2013

FCM Outstanding Awards 2013

FCM Outstanding Awards 2013 adalah satu majlis yang diadakan oleh pelajar-pelajar diploma Universiti Selangor untuk semua pelajar-pelajar Faculty Communication & Media dan dibuka juga kepada umum. So here I am, giving my best to support in and out because of one of the reason - I've been at the same place where - there's no support, no love, no nothing. Just hatred.

I'm in my last semester, after almost 5 years having this love-hate relationship with my own institute. Kalau boyfriend macamni dah break tak makan beratus kali dah. Jadi aku terfikirlah apa lagi cara aku boleh menyumbang (melainkan duit, coz you know the fact I aint got no money) So yes, by giving them your support it wont cost any - money and energy. I think by spreading it around, everyone can join them and give them some support secara langsung dan tak langsung. What I love about my uni is, the academic team, the lecturers, and deary schoolmates. Other than that, you know its like a pain in the ass, cirit tahap kuda, nak dilepas, tak boleh. Nak ditahan, merana. 

Mari pendekkan cerita.

So this is how it feels being nominated for the first time huh? Lol. So yah, I am nominated for the Keyboard Warrior's Award & Special Student Award. I really don't know how these two categories describe me. First time berkempen untuk diri sendiri, it feels so awkward, macam nak menang MPP pulak. (Just so you know I tak dapat jadi MPP dulu sebab rambut fake blonde and baju nampak cleavage I k) Ini kira macam self-promoting lah. Bagi muka sekejap eh.

Macam mana nak vote? Ada dua link -  satu untuk Keyboard Warrior's Award  dan satu lagi link untuk Special Student Award. Like lah sebanyak yang mungkin, dan setahu aku, 50% of the votes come from the FB likes and another 50% dari juri, to be fair and square. 

Tak sabar nak habiskan sisa-sisa seorang pelajar dan masuk ke fasa hidup yang seterusnya! Duit PT tak masuk lagi, macam mana nak beli dress 30 meter and crown untuk catwalk dekat red carpet FCM Outstanding Awards 2013 ni? Hahahahaha. So keep voting and let's join them this October 24th with your glam outfits to show your support! Terima kasih. :)


  1. Assalamualaikum

    I read your blog years ago.on and off.Read about your life.Your writing is good.
    I am happy for what you achieve and the happiness you found.Truly.

    From a random stranger.

  2. nnt free singgahlah ke blog noly ye